Creative school in India Vidit World Xcool

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 Kids at Vidit World Xcool

Recently we have launched a School with creative approach, where students are free to follow their passion.
 Vidit World Xcool

Key features-

1. Mastery Based Education- Mastery Education system will aim at learning structured curriculum not in the terms of time but by going into a student level of understanding by learning his actual difficulties and solving them in their opt way.

2. Individual Learning- Individual Learning is always needed to interact with children's to know their ideas and help them in developing them.

3.  Two Ration one Learning- Student will spend two-third of time in studies and the remaining in finding their passion.

4. Good bye to Homework- Homework is a wall standing against their playing hours or their own personal time so No more.

5. World Class content - Using some great education technologies from around the globe.

School have simple motto 'Let children be Children'

and now its time for Schooling!!! oh Stop it's Xcooling.

Origami vwx

Touch screen learning
Touch screen learning 


No Classroom required

learning with technology
learning with technology

geometrical shape
geometrical shape 

 A wall of creativity
 A wall of creativity

learning  thorough paper craft

playing with tangrams
playing with tangrams

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