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COBOL is acronym for:
Common Business Oriented Language
BASIC is acronym for:
Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
KB, MB, GB, is respectively:
Kilo Bites Mega Bites Giga Bites
A set of 8 bits is called:
A set of 4 bit is called:
HDD and FDD are respectively:
Hard Disk Drive, Floppy Disk Drive 
Winchester drive is also called:
Hard disk Drive
The centre processing unit of a computer consist 3 units namely:
Arithmetic Logic Unit, Control Unit, Memory Unit
A program written using binary codes is called:
Machine language
The computer which has incorporated the characters of analog and digital computers is:
Hybrid computers
The medium is used by input dives light pen for graphical input is:
CRT screen
SMPS stands for:
Switch Mode Power Supply
UPS stands for:
Uninterrupted Power Supply
The translator program that translates each line of the source program as it run is called:
The pictorial representation of the procedure proposed to solve a problem by a program:
Flow chart
ANCII stands for:
American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ANSI stands for:
American National Standard Institute
EBCDIC is the acronym for:
Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
ERP packages are: 
Enterprise Resource Planning Package
Example for ERP packages:
SAP, BAN etc..
Write office automation package of Microsoft:
Ms Office 
The time gap during the failure of a computer system is also called 
Down Time
What is meant by ‘system analyst’?
A person who examine and defines actives, flow and problems to be solved and system and procedures to determine hoe best the necessary operation can accomplished
Fetch means:
To retrieve data or instructions from storage

UNIX was developed by:
Bell laboratory s
 Digital computers are computer are classified into four ca. tegories what are they?
Micro Computers, Mainframe Computer and Super Computers
 PC/XT stands for:
Personal Computers Extended Technology
 PC/AT stands for:
Personal Computers Advance Technology
 MIPS is 
Million Instructions per Second
Examples of Mini computer 
IBM AS/400/B60, VAX 8842, WIPROGENIUS, WIPRO LANDMARK 860, HP9000 etc.
In the case of microcomputer speed of CPU is:
Speed of CPU in case of mini computer
(20-50 MIPS)
 The program change that makes up the operating system along with associated utility program change, as distinct from an application program is:
System software
4GL stands for:
Fourth generation language
The basics of Internet:
A standard protocol that that describes communication between computers, synthesizers and musical instrument:
The main memories have three distinct parts, what are they?
RAM, ROM, Cache
Language processing means:
Analysis of source program +synthesis phase38.
 Language processor consists of two phases. What are they?
Analysis phase and synthesis phase
The process of recognizing the lexical component in a source string is called:
There are two fundamental approaches to parsing. What are they?
Top Down parsing and Bottom Up parsing 
MDT stands for:
Macro Definition Table
 SST stands for:
Sequencing Symbol Table
ATP stands for: 
Actual Parameter Table 
In compiler, which analyser convert s the source program into a sequence of atomic units called tokens?
Lexical Analyser 
 Identifiers, keywords, constants, operators, and punctuation Symbols such as commas and parentheses are typical:
The name of device used for user to computer communications, usually the display and keyboard is called:
What is CON?
It is the abbreviation for console
 CAE stands for:
Computer aided engineering 
 CADD stands for:
Computer aided drafting and design
The leading personal computer software company Microsoft Corporation founded in which year?
1975 by Bill Gates & Paul Allen
What is Microsoft’s first product?
A BASIC Interrupter for the Intel 8080 up
Windows 3 was released in which year?
March 1990
POSIX stands for:
Portable Operating System Interface
 PASCAL was developed by:
Niklaus Wirth
 What is INTERNET?
Internet is the world's largest computer network, the "network of networks". Scattered all over the world
When was the INTERNET Created?
It was created thirty six years ago as a project of U.S Department of Defence,
What Internet service provider (ISP)?
It is the companies that provide INTERNET access.
What is WWW?
It is the system based hypertext and HTTP for providing organizing and accessing wide verity of resources that are available by the INTERNET.
What is web page?
It is a unit of information often called a document that is available over the WWW.
Name the protocol that allows a computer to use the TCP/IP protocol and connected directly to the Net using a standard voice telephone line and high speed modem:
P P P (point-to-point protocol)]
It is a software program that acts as an interface between the user and WWW what is it?
Web Browser
Name two different type of Web Browser:
Text-based browser and Graphical Browser
It collects and organizes resources that are available via the WWW, and designed to provide a starting point for locating information. Name it:
Web Index
It is an interactive tool that enables to locate information available via Name it:
Search Engine
It is unique, numeric identifier used to specify a particular host computer on a particular network, and is part of a global , standard’s scheme of identifying machines that are connected with INTERNET Name it:
IP Address (Internet Protocol)
It is the way of identify and locate computers connected to the INTERNET Name it:
Domain Name
It provides hierarchical way of identifying and locating INTERNET resources on the WWW Name It:
Uniform Resources Locater (URL) 
A binding document signed by all users that explains the rules of INTERNET use at an institution. Name it:
Acceptable user policy (AUP)
 What is gopher?
It is a protocol designed to search, retrieve and display documents from remote site on the Internet 
It is an Internet search tool that has the capability of searching many databases at one time. Name it:
Wide area information service (WAIS)
What is FTP (file transfer protocol?)
The medium that allows transferring of files between computers on the net using an FTP program or via Netscape
What is E-Journal?
It is an electronics publications, typically found in academic circles
What is NNTP?
Network News Transport Protocol-This is used to distribute network news 
Name the security feature that allows access to information on an individual basis:
 MIPS is an acronym for:
Millions of instructions per second 
The duplicate copy of data/program on a separate storage medium is called:
Back u
 A centre processor placed on a semi-conductor chip is called as a: 
 Who invented the modem?
AT&T Information System, USA
Which is standard internet protocol for distributing E-Mail?
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
 The computer generated environment is called:
 Who coined the term hypertext in 1965? 
Ted Nelson 
 Which protocol provides basis for the net?
Internet Protocol –IP
Name volatile memory.
Cut, Copy and Paste are found in which menu?
Edit Menu
Full form of CPU.
Central processing unit
To create multiple letter that are personalized, which option can we use in MS Word?
Mail Merge.
To saving your work the shortcut key which you press is.
Ctrl + S
Doc is a file extension of.
MS Word.
To switch between the running application applications.
Press and hold down ALT and Press TAB.
What was the first PC virus?
C Brain (January 1986)
Name the programmer of first PC virus?
Bashit and Farooq Alvi (Lahore Paksthan)
Every Excel file contains ___________ works sheet?
Computer can understand only _____ language.
(Binary 0 or 1 ) Machine language,  Low level Language.
In windows Ctrl +X shortcut used for?
To open help in windows press _____
Pictures on the desktop that represent program are known as ______
Full form of IBM.
International Business machine.
What is the extension  for notepad file?
Founder of Microsoft?
Bill Gates.
IT sands for __________
Information Technology.


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