What is word verification And why it is needed..?????

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Today I am creating a Account And posting a comment in the website I saw a box There is Some Word in that Box. What is this word verification and what is use of that ...???

I need to enter a word verification code every time i post in any of the forums of 1 community. I think it is because i posted too much yesterday but watever the reason may be i want to know when will this word verification code will stop showing up???
These type of question people asked......

 Answer is that :-
Word verification (sometimes called a CAPTCHA™) is designed to be a simple puzzle that a human can solve easily but a computer cannot. Sadly, that has not been the case for Blogger. A ton of humans cannot solve our word verification simply because they cannot see it.
Because some People used to make Fake id by the help of software ..
so this feature Help to identify This is person or alive.


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